Reset Canon PG-210 ink cartridge

Canon pg210 reset empty cartridge error

Each time the cartridge is removed from the Canon printer an empty cartridge message appears and a blinking amber light will come on, on the printer.
Turn off your printer and unplug.
Press and hold down the “Power” button, while simultaneously plugging the power source back into the wall.
Press and hold the “Cancel/Stop” button (while still holding down the power button) three times.
Release the power button and wait for ten seconds, until the printer screen says IDLE
Press the “right arrow” key on the printer until the screen reads Shipping Mode 3.
Press the “OK” button twice. At this point, a test page should print.
Open the top cover of the printer, as if you were going to change the ink cartridges.
Unplug the power source to the printer, without first turning it off with the “Power” button.
Remove the ink cartridges and close the cover.
Plug the printer power source back into the wall and press the “Power” button to turn it back on.
Replace the cartridges and the printer ink is full.

Reset canon pg 210 black cartidge

PG 210 cartridge works with the following Canon printers

PIXMA iP2702
PIXMA MP495 Wireless
PIXMA MX340 Wireless
PIXMA MX350 Wireless

If you need new cartridges:

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10 Responses to “Reset Canon PG-210 ink cartridge”

  1. Elie says on :

    I have a canon pixma mp250.
    You say that i have to press 3 times on STOP/RESET button. but when i do the light flashes each time i press the stop button but when i finish nothing happens.
    And i don’t have a screen that says “Shipping Mode 3” nor “IDLE”.
    the screen only displays numbers from 0 to 9 or maintenance letters like “U”, “u”, “r” …
    Do you have a reset method for MP250 ?
    Thank you.

  2. Trevor says on :

    I have a canon MX350 and tried the above procedure for resetting the ink level after refilling. It does not work. Can you confirm the procedure has worked for the MX350? Any help would be appreciated

  3. jerald says on :

    I have the ip2702 printer which doesn’t have a printer screen and no arrows. Is there a way to reset the pg210 from the Canon ip2702?

  4. saadland says on :

    hi, I have printer MP 250 and I doesn’t reset my cartrige……
    May someone give some good technique or software to reset it…….

  5. Jim little says on :

    I have a Canon mp280 and have tried to follow the Canon pg210 reset empty cartridge error as published. Questions are as follows, Press and hold the “cancel/stop” button ( while still holding down the power button)3 times. Does this mean to repeat the whole process three times? ie release bboth buttons and repeat?
    Next, “printer screen says IDLE” How do I get the printer screen to show idle/
    Next Press the right arrow key , where is this right arrow key? and also what screen shows Shipping Mode 3?.
    Press OK Button, where is the OK button?.
    Seems like the instructions are for a totally different Canon Printer.
    Can you help please.

  6. Sarah Smithers says on :

    That kinda hoohaw worked the first time, now old hoohaw and the instructions written above didn’t work. I unplugged and replugged (though don’t know if that’s necessary), turned on and then pressed the reset button for about 10 seconds until the display started doing something different. Prints now. Though still says ink is low, and I haven’t found answer to that. Played with this for hours until I just started pressing buttons…..then found ehow had an article where someone found that answer too.

  7. Molika says on :

    I have a canon MX350 and tried the above procedure for resetting the ink level after refilling. PLEASE HELP?!?

  8. Isabel says on :

    hello i have a canon mx340 i tried this procedure but i dont see the words IDLE pop out if u no of another procedure or anyway to help me out ur help will be apprieciated thank you:)

  9. naim cheiak says on :

    hola, tengo una impresora canon MP250 recarge los cartuchos y no reconoce los cartuchos parpadean las dos luces black ink y color ink y la luz de alarma permacene encedida y en la pantalla aparece E 0 5 por favor si me pueden ayudar a solucionar el problema.
    gracias de antemano.

  10. Garras says on :

    So do you have to spin on one foot and do a double or triple take before taking it “around town”? Jesus! Why can’t they make this simpler such as a reset button in a secluded yet ACESSIBLE location inside the printer so they aren’t pressed accidentally???

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